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Powerful Features for the Power User

Upload Any File Type

MedianDocs can accept any file type from any source and can even preview and search almost any file type you can imagine, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Open Document Format files, PDF files, and even images.

Folders Just Like Your Hard Drive

Use MedianDocs to organize your documents with folders just like on your hard drive. Folders, tags, and bulk editing are are your disposal.

File and Folder Permissions

Permissions can be applied to folders explicitly, or can be inherited from the parent folder. These permissions include the ability to browse, read, update, and delete documents and folders, and can be applied to a group or user.

Real Time Monitoring and Alerts

Exclusive monitoring technology enables you to define rules to instantly identify potential issues or opportunities - before it is too late to act!

Customize to Suit Your Unique Needs

Customize to your organization's unique needs, adding any number of custom date, text, numeric, drop-down that can be access controlled by role or user! Dropdown, calculated, comment, or true/false field that can be accessed for Real Time Monitoring and Alerts!

Automatic OCR of Almost Any File

MedianDocs automatically indexes every file using OCR so you can full text search your documents, including Word, PDF, text, and even images.

File Previews Without Opening

Instant file previews allow you to preview the content of your documents without downloading or opening them with special software.

Powerful Search

Search across all of your documents by file size, date modified, tags, file name, and even by the contents. Because MedianDocs automatically indexes your documents, you can perform a full text search on almost any file type, including images.

Multiple Users and Groups

Invite an unlimited number of users to your MedianDocs account and organize those users into logical groups, like Finance Department or Marketing.

No Software, No Worries

MedianDocs is hosted in the cloud, so there's no software to install, no upgrades to perform, and no licensing hassles. All you need is a modern Web browser, like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Edge.